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Our mission is to arm business owners with the knowledge and confidence that all lease terms are negotiable, ensuring with our guidance they achieve the best possible outcome when leasing a commercial property.

Proven Experience

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Want to minimise your property occupancy costs? Get the flexibility to run your business your way? And maybe save yourself a headache or two in the process? We’ve worked with small and medium-sized business owners for over a decade, and we know what works. We’ll help you negotiate the best lease terms for a stress-free occupancy – saving you time and money along the way.

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No Nonsense

Is there anything worse than legal mumbo jumbo? We cringe when landlords try to blind their tenants with jargon, or convince them that something is “industry standard” when really it is not. Here’s the thing. If you have found a commercial property, we want to help you lease it in a commercially reasonable way. No games, no gimmicks, no nonsense – just good, straightforward advice at reasonable rates.

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We don’t believe in charging for advice. So we don’t. Your initial consultation is free, after which we’ll give you a personalised, no-obligation quote. If you don’t think we can save you more money than we charge, you’re free to look elsewhere. (If it ever comes to that. It never does.) Want to chat about how we work? Give us a call on 1300 733 212.

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