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How much will this service cost?

Less than you might think. And a heck of a lot less than the cost of a bad lease. If you're interested in our services, pick up the phone - we'll have a friendly chat and give you a free, no obligation quote with no sneaky uplifts or hidden extras. We stand by that quote no matter what so you can manage your costs from the start.

Already have a lease and think you're being overcharged for outgoings? We'll investigate and liaise with the landlord for no charge at all. We work on a no win, no fee basis for outgoings recovery. You only pay us if we manage to save you money.

Why would we engage a property consultant and a property lawyer?

It's a bit like asking why you need a doctor and a dentist - they're two different jobs. A property lawyer is there to make sure that you can legally use the property and that all the terms you've agreed with the landlord (rent, term and so on) are incorporated into the legal documents. A lawyer won't consider whether the terms you have agreed are commercially viable or appropriate to your business.

A property consultant analyses the market and your business and asks, is the rent appropriate for the market conditions? Are the rent incentives standard for the term of the lease? How can we reduce the make-good liabilities for this particular property? What are the tenant's plans for the future? Does the lease give them the flexibility to carry out those plans? We make sure the deal is right. A lawyer simply "legalises" the deal.

Sometimes you'll need a property lawyer and sometimes you will not. It depends on the lease agreement the landlord intends to use. If it's industry-standard, then we have a set of lawyer-drafted lease agreements and amendments that we can work with - no lawyer required. When a lawyer is needed, we can recommend some of the best in the business and liaise on your behalf, keeping costs to a minimum.

How can you assist us with a market rent review?

Simple, really: we get the dispute in early. Time is of the essence with rent reviews - if you don't object fast enough, you'll be stuck with the landlord's proposal. If the new rent is too high, that's tough but ... you've lost your chance.

Of course, an objection isn't much use unless you back it up with data. We have the tools and knowledge to verify whether the rent is market and to prove a fair rent to the landlord. If you want to take the dispute to another level, we can engage an expert property valuer to settle the rent review if the lease allows us to do so.

Can you reduce our exit obligations at the end of the lease (make good)?

Absolutely! We take great care when negotiating a new lease to evidence the current state of the property. That way, there's no ambiguity as to what you're responsible for at lease-end. You can plan your repairs and strip-out well in advance (which usually translates to better rates from tradespeople.) And you won't get caught up in a stressful, time-sucking dispute with the landlord (which usually translates to lower costs on the headache pills.)

It doesn't stop at the make-good liabilities, though. Our aim is to cover off a whole range of issues that may arise throughout the tenancy, giving you maximum peace of mind.

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