Our Background

We're all about giving sound and unbiased property advice to every business - irrespective of size.

As a business, we support the underdog. It makes us mad that small businesses miss out on the opportunity to access the same property advice that the big guys get. Without the expertise of a leasing consultant, there’s a chance you’ll be stuck with unsatisfactory and unreasonable terms.

We don’t think it’s fair that smaller tenants should be left exposed and in a submissive position just because of their size. So we try to level the playing field. We’re all about giving small-and medium-sized businesses the tools, advice, support and education they need to negotiate better, control costs, and get the best possible outcome from their commercial property.

We don’t think this should be a load of bother. Or costly. Or wrapped up in chicanery and legal tricks. You won’t find anyone here trying to pull the wool over anyone’s eyes. We never take an unreasonable negotiating position just to prove a point.

We believe in a sensible, straight-talking, no-nonsense approach. In our experience, it gets results.

About Teree Clare

Red Flag Property Leasing is headed up by Teree Clare, a respected and experienced senior property consultant who has been a driving force in the commercial leasing sector for over 10 years.

Teree is well-known for her ability to roll up her sleeves and immerse herself in any project she’s working on. Straight-talking and honest, she approaches every job with diligence and determination, working tirelessly to get the best possible results. Her enthusiasm is infectious. Clients think she’s fun to work with, too.

Teree holds a Bachelor of Business Degree (Property, RMIT) and a Victorian Estate Agents Licence (Licence No. 075761L).

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