Commercial Office Leases

Time to start moving. Or time for smart moving?

Commercial lease agreements don’t fall under the Retail Leases Act. As an office tenant, you simply don’t get the built-in protection that a retail tenant gets. So it’s essential that you negotiate an office lease agreement that’s as favourable to you as it is to the landlord.

Too often, we see the landlord draft the lease and it always favours the landlord. The perfect scenario for a landlord is a financially sound tenant who pays a full market rent and is fully responsible for all repairs, outgoings, costs and expenses. Preferably one without an exit clause who is on the hook for these payments for the entire lease term.

At Red Flag Property Leasing, we don’t think that’s fair. We work hard for tenants who need help negotiating a commercial lease agreement, because we don’t believe that commercial lease negotiation shouldn’t be a zero-sum game.

No more paying the Landlord’s legal fees to negotiate the lease. We don’t think it’s right that you should pay for the privilege of doing business with someone.

No more agreeing to pay unreasonable outgoings. You won’t get stung for excessive management fees or contributions to sinking fund levies on our watch.

No more barriers to exit. We include subletting and assignment clauses in the commercial lease agreement so that you can leave the lease early if your business changes path.

And absolutely, definitely, no more surprises. As well as negotiating upfront savings like rent reductions and incentives, we make sure you won’t be hit with rectification costs at the end of the lease term.

Disputes are a fact of life and part of any business relationship. But they don’t have to be costly. They key to a smooth tenancy is to get the lease right from the beginning. We can save your business time and money and give you the peace of mind that your lease agreement is protecting your position – not leaving you exposed.

Education. First, last and always.

Commercial lease negotiation is our bread and butter. But our secret ingredient – the thing that makes us special – is education. Since the beginning, our pledge has been to give business occupiers the confidence to know their rights and understand what is reasonable when leasing commercial office space. So you can stand alongside the big guys, irrespective of your size.

It starts with a conversation. Call us and set up a free consultation. We’re happy to take whatever time is necessary to talk through our services with you. And there is no obligation to hire us after the consultation, so you have absolutely nothing to lose.

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