Franchise leases

The road to hell is paved with regulation. Set your franchise on a better path.

If you plan to buy or sell a franchise that needs commercial premises, your business operations will be regulated by two significant contracts – the franchise agreement and the lease. It’s imperative that the documents correlate. If there’s conflict between the two agreements, there’s a chance you’ll perform poorly under each.

As 10-year franchise property specialists, Red Flag Property Leasing are the go-to resource for franchise lease negotiation throughout Australia. We help businesses large and small secure the right property and negotiate franchise lease agreements that blend seamlessly with the franchise operation. Hassle free, and on the very best lease terms.

As a franchisee, it’s usual for the franchisor to apply some influence over your franchise lease agreement. This is a good thing. Handled properly, a heavyweight franchise company can add credibility to your offer and be your ally in negotiating better terms from a third-party landlord. That’s why we help franchisors and franchisees work together to develop the right property solution for the business.

Something to think over, is who will be your ally in obtaining better terms from your franchisor? Sometimes, a franchisor already owns the premises and must grant a lease, sublease or licence to allow the franchisee to use the property for their franchise operations. Suddenly, your business facilitator is on the other side of the negotiating table. What then?

At Red Flag Property Leasing, we take special care of business owners who are trapped in the dual role of franchisee and tenant. We make sure that you are not paying over the odds for your franchisee lease agreement simply because your options are limited. And that you won’t be left homeless after your leasing rights end, or be blocked from making the changes you need to grow your business.

Information. Potent stuff when you know how to use it.

At Red Flag Property Leasing, we don’t just negotiate franchisee lease agreements. Our aim is to give you the education that will serve you for many years to come. We empower business owners to stand proudly beside the franchisor and confidently navigate the complex world of franchise lease negotiation. If we work ourselves out of a job, then we’ve achieved our goal.

The message is simple: don’t trust your business to a generalist leasing agent. Set up a no-cost consultation with a franchise property specialist with the experience and desire to achieve premium results for your franchise business. Red Flag Property Leasing is ready to listen.

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