Industrial/Warehouse Leases

Industrial lease agreements are like a journey. Each one is different.

Every space is different. Every tenant is different. So it makes sense that every warehouse lease should be different. Yet too many business owners sign a fill-in-the-blank lease that doesn’t recognise their individual needs.

Red Flag Property Leasing are old hands in the industrial market. We’ve been there, done that and probably bought the T-shirt. And because we have the experience, we understand the complexity and challenges of industrial leasing. We know that to negotiate a warehouse lease, you need to look beyond the lease term and rent. Our value-added comes from spotting the under-the-radar issues. Clauses which, in less experienced hands, could hold nasty surprises at lease end.

Take a look at these potential pitfalls:

Hardstand and Load Weight Warranties

We’ve seen far too many disputes between landlords and tenants over the condition of the concrete hardstand at the end of an industrial lease agreement. And believe us, they’re never pretty. If the lease isn’t clear who is responsible, then you, the tenant, could be stuck with a hefty repair bill for degradation you didn’t cause.

We make sure that the warehouse lease clearly documents the load weight warranties of the hardstand. That way, everyone knows the maximum load the floors can withstand. As long as you comply with the load weight restrictions and maintain the floors such as resealing grout lines, then you won’t be responsible if the hardstand fails at the permitted weight. It’s extra work at the beginning. But trust us, it will be a weight off your mind at lease end.

Environmental Risk

Fact: industrial properties have more exposure to potential environmental issues than other commercial properties purely on the location and past uses of the sites. Guess who pays for the clean-up? If the lease is not drafted properly, it could be you.

Environmental liabilities are some of the most hotly negotiated clauses in a warehouse lease. At Red Flag Property Leasing, we make sure you’re adequately covered. With us in your corner, you won’t be stung by liabilities related to site contamination you didn’t cause.

Before you sign that lease…..

Remember, all lease terms are negotiable. You don’t have to put up with an off-the-peg industrial lease agreement that won’t protect you if things go wrong. With a little effort, you can always negotiate significant improvements to the lease terms.

It’s our mission to give tenants the knowledge and confidence they need to demand better, and to negotiate the best possible lease terms. No games, no nonsense, no frills – just good solid advice at reasonable rates.

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